A dream I had about Tara. Very interesting to interpret. I wouldn't be surprised if this was me realizing that she was becoming more of a conformist, since I see alcohol consumption as a proxy for conformity.

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Company event. I was there. Asked if they had the margarita maker working. 

Flashes to me being somewhere else with family. Then I call you to see how it’s going, and you say this guy was buying you people drinks and kept buying another and another and another and how you really liked them. You start slurring and saying you’re sleepy, and send me a 12 page novel you wrote and I kept saying “did you write this because you were drunk?” And I kept repeating it over and over and you wouldn’t respond and people kept coming into my room playing hide and seek or something. As I’m repeating this I think back to the last week and realize you’ve had a drink usually once every two months or something but now it’s been Monday Tuesday and now Wednesday and I start to panic 

Heart starts beating really fast as I repeat. Finally wake up and I’m sweating and heart beating fast.