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NY Health exchange options: 
	•	Note: all providers "cover" out of network emergency services if it's an actual emergency, as in an ambulance takes you to the nearest hospital after like a car accident or something like that.
	•	Catastrophic: 
	⁃	$180/month (QSERHA $2,280 available for spending each year). 
	⁃	Deductible is $8,500
	⁃	Pros:
	⁃	Coursicle pays less money, which means more salary/bonuses. 
	⁃	Can use the $2.3k for tylenol, dental insurance, etc. 
	⁃	They cover everything if I get really sick and have $8500+ of medical expenses in a year.
	⁃	Note that I'd only have to pay $6,000 of that, because the first $2,300 would come out of my QSHERA savings. 
	⁃	Basically, this is ideal if I expect my medical expenses to be: 
	⁃	<=$2,300 OR >=$8500
	⁃	Cons:
	⁃	Major medical expenses that is >$2.3k but <8.5k would come out of pocket. 
	⁃	Basically anything in NC is out of network. 
	⁃	Can't apply premium credits toward 
	•	Bronze:
	⁃	$475/month (QSEHRA $0 available for spending each year). 
	⁃	Deductible is $4,000
	⁃	Pros:
	⁃	Eligible for premium tax credits (but, pretty sure this will be offset by the QSHERA, so only relevant if tax credits are >=$375/month). 
	⁃	Looked into this further, and NYS says "If you use this option, the federal government will send the APTC to the insurance companies of your choice each month. You will be responsible for paying the remainder of the cost of your premiums."
	⁃	Since this is "federal government" doing the reimbursing, almost certainly the same rules apply, which makes sense. 
	⁃	"**If your employer helps you pay for health coverage through the Marketplace, you should subtract the amount you get from your employer from your tax credit. Learn more:"
	⁃	If major medical expense occurs and I went to out of network, I think it might be covered. 
	⁃	Basically, this is ideal if I expect my medical expenses to be: 
	⁃	>=$2,300 AND <=$8500 (at this point catastrophic would have been cheaper)
	⁃	Cons:
	⁃	Have to pay $100/month out of pocket every single month. 
	⁃	Deductible is $4k, which means I'd have to pay up to $4k anyway before things start getting a lot cheaper. 
	•	"Essential plan"
	⁃	This is only for people with $25,000/year or less. 
	⁃	This is great healthcare, something like $20/month premiums. And it covers a lot of stuff. 
	•	Silver/Gold/Platinum
	⁃	Incredibly, it seems like all of these on the marketplace are HMO or whatever that don't do any coverage for people who are out of network. This is fucking insane. Like actually the worst marketplace I've seen. 

Going directly to the companies: 
	•	Blue Cross
	⁃	Can't view medical insurance online on their website, only dental and vision. 
	•	United Healthcare
	⁃	Says there are no plans available in my zip code on their web site...
	•	Oscar
	⁃	Literally the only place that actually just gave me quotes. 
	⁃	Really good and easy to understand summary of benefits too. 

Trying to find price comparison websites: 
	•	The absolute spammiest shit. Horrible. I went through like 4-5 and now I'm getting phone calls every 2 minutes, I've had to block the numbers and they keep coming. 
	•	Never use these. Ever. They don't even provide you with quotes, they just redirect you to another price comparison website. It's fucking garbage.

Once we are 30, we won't be able to do Catastrophic plans. At that point, it probably makes sense for Coursicle to just pay for everyone's NY healthcare, because the plans on the NY exchange are very shitty. Maybe by then, it'd make sense to just go to Mexico if you got really sick, or like maybe we'll have better government policy for healthcare / the catastrophic plan. Maybe should see if we could do an HSA (health savings account) with a HDHPs (high deductible health plan).