Dinner with Tara where I gave her an update on what I'd been doing on Coursicle.

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School adding update:
Adding schools has been going well. 
Went through all schools with enrollment > 10k (regardless of community college or not)
Found all the ones with Peoplesoft or Banner links, gathered those links
Have used MyEdu as a sounding board for whether to add some schools
MyEdu did not appear to break up even the large schools into campuses, even places with like 90k evenly across 5 universities
Yesterday finished adding the banner schools with > 10k enrollment
Now going through adding all the people soft schools with > 10k enrollment

Grade data update: 
We reached out to 7 schools. Sent follow-ups one week later. 
UNCW, WCU, NEU, Edinboro, UNCG, Truman, AppState. 
We got it from AppState. 
Truman said it would cost $300. 
WCU said they'd have it in a few days. 
Others have said that they're reviewing it. 
Haven't heard back from only 1. 

Spring semester update: 
Been getting a lot of people writing in about supporting the Spring 2018 semester. 
Especially UNC. Going to try to do it ASAP. Probably by end of day monday it'll be up. 
UNC registers starting November 3rd or something though. So an entire month in advance. 
WCU and Truman students have also asked, I think they're earlier. 

Question: if there's time, should we go through and add all schools with >5k enrollment? Maybe only do the ones that aren't community colleges? My thought is we can do this after November. No. Not a priority. 

Question: What are we doing about the LOI? 
	Just writing back, and saying we don't think that's enough for losing our full independence. 
	Should we send update to investors first? 
Should send out investor update email, telling them we have an offer that’s low. Can mention Ulopp and say to keep the company name confidential. Send Corey email on Tuesday/Wednesday. 

Question: should we be concerned at all with advertising right now? Still waiting for contract from WayUp. Thinking it might be more important for Coursicle to advertise for itself on those pages over the next month or two. Tara says Not focus on advertising, but shouldn’t be investing too much time. It’s year round, whereas everything else. Play by ear whether we should advertise for Coursicle or wayup in november. 

Question: are you able to help with anything? Just getting the grade data in the right format for use? Or experimenting with the $500 of Facebook ads? Or maybe helping with adding new schools? 

Tara will help with grade data. 

Make a list for Tara that she can 

Question: When should we open notify up for Spring 2018? Have a big Spring 2018 switch? Some seem to register around October 20th timeframe. 

What should be my 2 week plan? 
I think it's: 
	Add the remaining colleges by Sunday night (if not done, do below and then continue afterward)
	Support Spring 2018 for the colleges where students have been requesting. 
	Research and try to get up and running Peoplesoft notifier script. 
	Then try putting the grade data up. I'd estimate we have maybe 15 schools' grade data. 
		If you could start on the grade data, that would free up some time.