Next dinner I had with Tara where I gave an update.

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Recently accomplished:
Updated for new semester on notify. 
Added a couple links on the course and professor pages to get more people over to scheduler. Working well. 
Started tracking and split testing the slide in plugs. 
Had to do more work than expected to get all the schools on the new semester. 

Bad things: 
Have only just started on the peoplesoft notify script. 

	⁃	Emailing everyone whose school we added, should we prioritize?
		Yes, Tara said she'd do. 
	⁃	Sending out a push blast to existing users who have not yet tracked Spring classes, letting them know they should sign up (I think we should do this)
		Yes, but it'll be hard because we want to do it as they start school.
	⁃	Should we be marketing on Facebook, groupme, etc? 
		Yes, but last priority and only certain subset of schools, definitely not all of them.