Yay for shitty NYC landlords.

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Before I sign this, I'm going to try to figure out how to fill the extra space. 

He pushed back on me making something contingent. 

We tried to please you. We spent $950 on that stove. It's the same price as the bigger one but they're out of stock because of the pandemic. 

That's fine, but I pay $2500 a month for this apartment, and I want to make sure that it looks good. 

He also said the other stove works fine and he's going to give it to another apartment. I told him he can do whatever he wants with that stove. 

"I'd like you to leave now." He stayed in the door and continued talking. 

"John, this is my fucking apartment. Please leave."

And he stays in the door as I’m closing it and I’m just like "John, that’s enough". 

If I had any sympathy for the guy, I lost it when he called the black guy who stole my packages the n word. Twice.