That time we tried to sell Coursicle to Duke without realizing that we made a joke about Duke in our FAQ.

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Hi Maribel,
Tara and I have been thinking more seriously about expanding Class Finder and Class Checker to other universities. We spoke to Candy about how to open the conversation at universities, and she told us that you may have a contact at Duke ITS who you could introduce us to?
Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe,
I’ve reached out to someone I know at Duke for some contact names and information. As soon as I hear back, I’ll let you know.

Hi Joe,
My contact at Duke is passing on the urls for folks at Duke to look at your work and will let us know if there is interest.
Here’s his quote from looking at the site:
“Wow. That is awesome. Very cool. I especially liked the part where the team said they paid Dook students minimum wage to tie the links to the Registrars page. (Under the “How did you do this?” section.)”
I’m passing this on, as you might like to revisit your comment before others at Duke look at this. Just a thought...