An interaction with a guy who was blocking the entire crosswalk with his car.

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Was sitting in car blocking the crosswalk so we had to walk into the street

Tapped the back of his car with my hand, decently lightly, not a smack, but probably sounded loud inside.

Then we were waking by and he rolled down his window and said some exclamation and I just said “don’t block the sidewalk” then he said something back probably “I’m waiting for my wife who is getting a pizza” and I said “just don’t block the sidewalk asshole” and then he said “ASSHOLE?” and by that point I wasn’t engaging and we were just walking away and he continued to yell at us “get a life”, “in the middle of a pandemic” and we were far enough that we could barely hear him, like an entire block, and he kept yelling “fuck you”, and we turned the corner and he was still yelling.

Then we were walking and talking about it, and Tara was mostly saying I shouldn’t have engaged and then a car very quickly pulls up next to us and the guy gets out and he’s got a blue bandana over his face and we’re all just shocked and I say “are you serious? You’re following us?” and he started to walk at me and we were all afraid he had a weapon and was saying something but I didn’t process what he was saying and he said “I’m not following you I just went around the block” and so I said “am I really going to have to call the police” and he said something like “yeah fucking call the police” and so I got out my phone and dialed 911 and he started walking away still yelling at me and I read the police his license plate number and went on the describe the situation.