An email I sent to the head of the computer science department when I couldn't get into a computer science class.

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Joseph Puccio 
Aug 22, 2012, 8:50 PM
to Kevin

Dear Dr. Jebbay,

I've been referred to you by Alice Dawson in academic advising. I'm a
first year and I'm planning to double major in math and computer
science. She told me I should ask you about placement in a computer
science course above 110 or 116 as I've discovered from my first day
of class in 116 that the class is geared toward a student with no
programming experience (I have used programming extensively in my
personal study of mathematics). Is there any way we could meet to
discuss placing me in a different course?

I would be happy to show you the various programs I've written
independently if it would assist you in guiding me in the right
direction. These range from modeling dynamical systems to analyzing
the network of words in the English language through synonyms.

Thank you very much for any direction that you can provide to me,

Joe Puccio

Kevin Jeffay 
Aug 22, 2012, 8:54 PM
to me

Joe -- If you a formal background in programming (i.e., you've taken a 
course as opposed to having taught yourself), you are welcome to skip 
110/116 and go straight into COMP 401.  However, COMP 401 is full thus 
you'll have to wait until Spring.  Therefore, I suggest you stay in 
116 this semester.  There's likely some material in the course you 
haven't seen.  It will certainly start out slow but will pick up speed.

Joseph Puccio 
Aug 23, 2012, 2:53 PM
to Kevin

Thanks for your response.

I have taken a formal course and I've also self-taught and I'm not at
all comfortable remaining in Comp 116 as the professor declared on the
first day of class that: "if you have any experience in programming,
this course is not for you." I want to be challenged by the classes I
take in this subject and I'm genuinely interested in computer science
so I think it's up to the administration to assist me.