A comparison of the two main contenders for which accelerator we were going to go through with Coursicle.

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	Pros: guaranteed interns, really low housing cost, companies seemed more legit
	Cons: Syracuse, low graduation rates, no Mara, college campus living, feels a bit fishy

	Pros: good graduation rates, Silicon valley demo day
	Cons: Memphis, Tara misses start of program, housing 5x as expensive, companies seemed a bit bad

StartFast pictures: https://www.facebook.com/StartFast/photos/pb.103156566491316.-2207520000.1458933211./412551045551865/?type=3&theater
Upstart Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/launchmemphis/photos/pb.25676638712.-2207520000.1458957847./10153776791193713/?type=3&theater