A new plan given the realization that this wasn't physical in origin.

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New plan 

This is probably mental. Why? The days I was feeling better and had no symptoms, I had something to be happy about. 

Moreover, things started up almost as soon as I got back to San Francisco and stress started piling up. 

Also, when I was feeling sick, but I forced myself to work, and I didn't focus on the pain, it went away, and when I kept a positive outlook and finished work and ate some ice cream, then I felt better.

The bad days I had were ones where I focused on just the pain, or I felt bad about something else. The good ones were ones where I didn't dwell or obsess and just focused on being happy.

Moreover: the medicines are just stressing me out, it's too much to consider. FOCUS ON OUTLOOK.

If a psychiatrist deems that I should go on depression medication, I will consider it.