UNC advising asking for some data from Class Checker with 24 hour turnaround time was pretty bold.

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From: "Panter, A. T."  Subject: Re: Class Finder Report
Date: September 2, 2014 at 9:04:42 PM EDT To: "Puccio, Joe" 
Hi Joe,
I hope you are having a great semester so far!
I was wondering if you could run a report for me showing the number of students waiting for courses on the first day of classes. If possible, an excel file would be super. I appreciate your help. I think these data will help me make a few decisions about where demand is for certain courses right at the start of the semester.
I have a deadline so if possible, I would like to have these data before 2pm tomorrow.
Thanks!! Dean Panter	

As requested, I1ve created and attached a report (excel) with user
statistics for Class Finder from the past two weeks. This data may not be as helpful as the Class Checker report, but hopefully it will give
Academic Advising some additional insight. I1ve included the classes that the most users have clicked (expectedly, most are ENGL 105 sections as predominantly first-years are registering), the classes that the most
users have saved (which indicates that they are interested in enrolling in the course), and lastly the Gen Ed searches that are most popular (HS, LA, and PH are all around tied for the highest).
Please let me know if there1s additional data from Class Finder that may be of assistance to you.
Also, we were wondering how the advisors whom you1ve shown Class Finder have liked it? Any questions or comments?
Thanks, Joe