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Minimum deposit is $200. 

They keep the $200 in an account, and it's used as collateral if I don't pay the bill. 

"You can choose your credit line amount (minimum $200, maximum $2,500, in increments of $100). If you are approved, your security deposit will be equal to the amount of your credit line."

"We will review your card account within 18 months to determine if you are eligible to have your deposit returned."

"If you wish to close your Collateral Holding Account before the 18-month term is complete: you must give us 21 days prior notice in writing; your credit card account will be canceled; and your Collateral Holding Account will be applied against your outstanding credit card balance. There are no fees on the Collateral Holding Account.'

wtf applied and they said there was an "error" when trying to pull my Experian Credit Score, they couldn't get the FICO, so are asking for Transunion.

Apparently they're still trying to pull Experian...but if it doesn't work then they'll try Transunion. They said I should get an email in the next 24 hours or so with a decision.

Called Citibank, asked for manager, got David again. He talked to me in September. Really nice guy. He said they should be able to work this out. They weren't able to pull my credit was the issue. Going to try again on Wednesday. He said he'll take a look at it.