There has been a multi-year struggle between my family in me, in particular my mom and me, about Christmas. I don't like getting presents that I didn't explicitly ask for, because I just don't like having "stuff" that doesn't serve a purpose in my life. I need to feel a painpoint before having something to solve that painpoint is necessary. So I usually only ask for money, or specific things like an electric razor or better headphones or that kind of thing. But some people just seem so unable to handle that that, despite my protest, they still buy me things knowing that I'm going to ask them to return them.

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Beats, $350. 
Quip, $50 
Incase sleeve (optional), $50 

Purchase places Beats: 
Apple: $350
BestBuy: $310 ($40 less, in stock at Southpoint)
Checked Target. 
Checked Walmart. 
About 3 sketchy websites had it for $300. 

Use this link to get $10 off refill. Do the plan, and you'll get first refill. Then cancel it.

$100 from Tara’s parents (deposited)
$75 Amazon card
$54 Jeans (returning...) (ask about cash if can't do it without card) (mom will return)
$42 shirt (returned)
$60 adjustable laptop stand (returned)
$60 shoes (returned)
$150 from Granny (late Christmas present) (deposited)

$200 Italian gift card