Since I was young, my mom would throw a Christmas Eve party for friends and family. Once I got older, I started to run my own little part of the show (the kid hangout + the firework show).

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You can see it from above. 

Try to make it a little less of an incline since it went toward the trees. 

Party preparation:
- [x] Get music system set up downstairs (just needed to attach the audio to Apple TV to enable Airplay)
- [x] Get Xbox situation set up downstairs 
- [x] Try to make the fireworks at less of an incline
- [x] Bring over more of the stones to the fireworks area
- [x] Set up the lights in the windows
- [x] Set up the outside fire lights
- [x] Set up the little figurine thing outside with the lights
- [x] Get and wrap Aida family’s last present (paper upstairs)
- [x] Give Nike his bow
- [x] Light all the candles around the house
- [x] Cones at top of driveway 
- [x] Set up extra chairs in the basement
- [x] Light the basement candles