The full list of TODOs for the 2019 Christmas Eve party. This was the biggest one yet.

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- [x] Buy a ton more candles for basement
- [x] Buy some more butane lighters for luminaries
- [x] Buy a long stick for the spinning firework. 
- [x] Get one controller from Paul
- [x] Buy a ton more lights (battery powered) that we’ll put on the windows
- [x] (2) 100 watt dimmable LED bulbs
- [x] Ton more AA batteries
- [x] Limes
- [x] Look for curtain for bathroom window
- [x] Get Asian bistro order

Multiple days in advance: 
- [x] Confirm invitations
- [x] Coordinate with Jonny about flying the drone.
- [x] Lookup deals for Fireworks. The Labbates go to Phantom Fireworks in PA. Should spend $300-$500.
    - [x] Should try to buy gift card online, will get $70 of free fireworks:
    - [x] Should look for deals on their Facebook page:
    - [x] Should probably buy one or two $99 500 gram repeater so long as it's on sale.
- [x] Buy fireworks (in general, better to buy a ton of the cheaper stuff than just 5 expensive ones).
    - [x] See "Best Fireworks to Buy" notes.

Day before: 
- [ ] Lower table so next time people can sit on the floor so there’s more room. People had to stand this year and people left early because of this, completely killed the vibe (2019)
- [ ] Make sure we have 3 headlamps for the fireworks and lighting 
- [ ]
- [x] Get music system set up downstairs and test loud music (via Airplay on big speakers).
- [x] Test out gaming system downstairs (via Airplay mirroring to Apple TV, or via Steam Streaming app)
    - [x] Before fireworks games: 
        - [x] Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
        - [x] Overcooked
        - [x] ibb & obb
    - [x] After fireworks games:
        - [x] Quiplash
        - [x] Fibbage XL
        - [x] Drawful 2
- [x] Ask people what alcohol they want so we can buy it in advance.
    - [x] Vodka Soda (Tito’s vodka, Club Soda)
    - [x] Gin and Tonic (Gin, Tonic water)
    - [x] Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
- [x] Wash outfit that I'll be wearing
- [x] Confirm we have enough luminaries for the party (should have 100).
- [x] Retrieve all presents from mailbox/porch. 
- [x] Make sure the basement is clean.
- [x] Make sure we have enough lighters for the fireworks and lighting lumaries (2 hand lighters, 3 long lighters)
- [x] Make sure we have a ton of candles for the basement.
- [x] Unwrap the fireworks and prepare each of the fuses. 
- [x] Prepare the lights that will go into the windows, these are always a struggle.

Day of:
- [x] Dress the mannequin and put them in the driveway facing the house to freak people out.
- [x] Wrap all of the presents and get any final ones from the mailbox. 
- [x] Bring over more of the stones to the fireworks area and make sure the fireworks are not at an incline.
- [x] Fill up multiple buckets of water for emergencies and bring out fire extinguisher
- [x] Set up the luminaries along the driveway.
- [x] Set up the little figurine thing outside with the lights
- [x] Light all the candles around the house.
- [x] Set up cones at top of driveway 
- [x] Send out party reminder
- [x] Set up extra chairs in the basement
- [x] Light the basement candles
- [ ] Put Santa outfit on Cosmo
- [ ] Give Cosmo his Santa toy
- [x] Eat Dinner
- [x] Shower and shave

2019 specific: 
- [x] Send reminder to Paul and Jordan to bring the PS4 controllers. 
    - [x] Get one from Paul a couple hours before the party.
- [x] Send reminder to Jonny to charge drone batteries, controller battery, and wipe SD card
- [x] Send reminder to Tara and Kiran to get the liquor.

During party:
- [x] Start fireworks at 9:30pm.
- [x] Bring the mannequin inside once the guests have arrived.
- [x] Prepare drone for video taping the fireworks

Day after:
- [ ] Save everyone's Snapchats and Instagrams
    - [ ] Make sure to get Julianna's phone and do it of all of her friends' snapchats. 
    - [ ] Send out a Dropbox file request for photos/videos. 
    - [ ] Ask Julianna for her friends' emails so we can send the file request to them.