Unfortunately, I got a kidney stone. What's more? They charged us $10,000 for this CAT scan. Yay.

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Diet-wise, would have elevated cholesterol if it were caused by too much salt?
Punctate nonobstructive calculi LEFT kidney.
Tack on Coronavirus antibodies test?

HISTORY: LEFT lower quadrant abdominal pain. Hematuria.
TECHNIQUE: Spiral CT performed from the dome of the diaphragm to the pubic symphysis without intravenous or oral contrast. 
DICOM format image data available to non-affiliated external healthcare facilities or entities on a secure, media free, reciprocally searchable basis with patient authorization for at least a 12 month period after the study.
Dose reduction technique was used on this scan by utilizing automated exposure control, adjustment of the mA and/or kV according to the patient size.
DLP:  351 mGy-cm.
Scout Images: Unremarkable
GU: 3.8 mm obstructing calculus distal LEFT ureter with mild hydroureteronephrosis and mild perinephric inflammatory stranding. There are punctate nonobstructing calculi of the upper pole and lower pole calyces on the LEFT. No RIGHT nephrolithiasis or ureterolithiasis. No solid mass of either kidney. Normal adrenal glands. No abnormality identified in the bladder. Prostate is unremarkable.
Lung bases: No significant opacities or pleural fluid. The visualized heart and pericardium are unremarkable.
Hepatobiliary: No focal hepatic lesion or intrahepatic biliary dilatation. Pancreas normal morphology and duct caliber. Gallbladder appears normal. Normal splenic parenchyma.
GI: No evidence for bowel obstruction. No mesenteric stranding or wall thickening. No intraperitoneal adenopathy, masses or fluid. Normal appendix. No free air or abscess.
Retroperitoneum: No retroperitoneal adenopathy.
Cardiovascular: Normal caliber aorta.
Musculoskeletal: No focal lytic or blastic lesion. No fracture or acute derangement.
1.  3.8 mm distal LEFT ureteral calculus with associated hydroureteronephrosis.
2.  Punctate nonobstructive calculi LEFT kidney.
3.  Normal appendix.