Notes from my call with a Senior Advisor at Apple Support. This was after dealing with so much shit trying to get an actually keyboard-functional 2016 MacBook Pro and I just wanted a computer that worked.

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This call was with Joseph DiGuseppi. It was about getting a replacement top case for my 2016 MacBook Pro.

Will get it back to you: 3-5 business days regardless of apple store or AppleCare.

He's not sure that it's 5 business days to drop it off after your genius bar appointment, could vary by apple store. Could be later if they're nice, could be less if they're busy, etc.

30 days to send back the box for AppleCare, so that's longer than the Apple Store most likely.

Can't get it done any faster. No priority queue, even though I've had issues.

The depot will evaluate once they receive the device if it's due to physical damage. This happens regardless of bringing it into the store or sending it to AppleCare.


Been repaired three times is required. Not bringing it in three times. So bringing it in 4 times is required, having three repairs is required for a CRU.

Exceptions are tied to me, he sees a couple exceptions assigned to me. CRU is still possible, but he is seeing that when he looks at me.

After talking to him, question is: if I bring the machine in for 3 repairs, some are for double typing the b key and some are for high pitched key click issues. "It does not have to be the same issue. Each repair has to be within 1 year of the last." If Apple confirms you need a 4th repair, then they'd do the CRU. Apparently the repair doesn't need to be for the same issue, just any repair due to hardware failure. So it could be 2 keyboard repairs and 1 screen repair, and then when you go in for the forth time for a repair they're basically like "well this is a dud computer, so we're going to give you a completely new one".

Should call Joseph DiGiuseppe about doing the replacement with AppleCare if deciding to go that route.