Call with psychiatrist immediately following the break-up.

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* I went back to New York. My friend has been staying with me and has been helping me a lot, making me food, going out and walking a lot, and sitting in parks and talking and meeting strangers. 
* Tara broke up with me on Sunday, officially. 
* I handled it pretty well. I think I feel rather numbed by the Prozac which helps. 
    * She said it was because I'm not an "independent adult" who exercises regularly, eats healthy, 
* I haven't really had a very bad day in almost a week now. Been able to get up, get out of bed, etc. pretty easily. 
* I feel upset that she had to end things during my anxiety, I wish she could have seen me better before she ended things. 
* It's especially hard because she still works at my company, and so I'm not sure how to navigate that. I don't think I can go into the office and see her. 
* I haven't been very interested in eating recently. 
* I kind of don't really know what I'm "living for" anymore, but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. 
* I generally feel a lot less obsessive. 
* My hands have been shakey, but it's hard to tell if that's Prozac or if it's because I haven't been eating that much.