Notes from a call with my former teacher of 10 years at Montessori, Peter.

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Since we talked, I did sort of focus a bit more on day to day.

That's meant enjoying my time in NC, and not getting as much work done as I had originally planned.

That's been fine.

Saw Alex when going to my girlfriend's 5 year Cary Academy reunion.

Saw Jonny the other day, just to catch up.

Other notes

I've found that watching junk TV/movies (things that aren't intellectually stimulating) makes me depressed after a while, even when it's with other people. So I've been limiting that and only really watch educational things.

Been going through home videos from 1994-1998 with my dad and mom, and that's been really fun.

Been watching Vietnam war with my dad.

I do have a completionist attitude which works in my favor sometimes, usually with work, but sometimes it holds me back on certain things.


The two things I wanted:
To start a company with 10-20 employees, with a culture, etc.
To move to NY to be with friends.

What Peter identified:

At the foundation of both of these challenges I'm facing is really one thing: connection with others. I coined the term "social vitamins", which I'm not getting right now. That's really what I'm craving and what I'm working toward in both things. We saw that there were a decent number of drawbacks to having a company with 10-20 employees, not being able to take a month off, making it harder to move places, etc. But really it seemed like what I was craving was the connection with those employees, which is exactly why I want to move to New York.

So the goal really is to get that connection. He asked for a baby step in that direction, which is to suggest playing video games with the friend in SF (Kevin, and maybe Ben as well). He asked me to ping him letting him know I did that, to help hold me to it.