Back in 2015 I would regularly travel between Boston and NY. I always tried to find the cheapest method of transit between the two cities, often buses. One trip was more memorable than the others. After a relatively peaceful 3 hours (other than the woman who had vomitted in the aisle which passengers began spreading all over the bus with their shoes unknowingly because of how dark the bus was), we stopped in the Bronx. Everyone was confused, since our destination was Chinatown in Manhattan. The driver sat in the driver's seat calmly and refused to keep driving. After about 45 minutes of people asking questions, the driver got out of the bus, got into a car his friend was driving, and left. We were marooned on a highway in The Bronx. I believe we determined that he had hit some limit of how long he could legally drive in a day, and so he had to just pull over and stop. Some passengers took their luggage and walked to the nearest gas station and hitchhiked into the city, while others stayed on the bus hoping that someone else would show up. I was unsuccessful in getting my $5 back from Megabus for this experience.

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