One time when I was visiting Tara at Harvard, Boston got 24.9 inches of snow (the 5th highest it's gotten from a storm on record). I believe it was also one of the only times Harvard actually cancelled classes (other times included when the British invaded Boston in 1774 and the 1918 pandemic).

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That night, I was really craving Mike's Pastry, but all the subways were closed and no cars were allowed to drive on the roads, so I asked Tara if she would be down to walk. She was amenable, so we walked 1.5 hours in the snow from Cambridge to the North End in Boston to Mike's Pastry (which somehow was open). On the way, we found a phone in the snow and I picked it up in case someone tried to call it. Some guy called saying it was his phone and I offered to meet him to give him the phone, but he was being kind of an asshole, and accused me of stealing his phone, and was very insistent that I not give the phone to the police. So I hung up and we found a police station and gave it to the police.