An accounting of a bad experience I had at the Apple Store with a phone swap.

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Normally, I have very good experiences with the Apple Store. 

This was an exception. Last year, I had a standard phone swap under AppleCare+. I have the repair ID (R243779472), case ID (100252565832), and receipt. However, somehow, this repair was deleted from Apple's system, which meant the old phone that was swapped was never tied to my new phone (the one I was bringing in for repair). 

This meant that my phone couldn't be serviced without repairing the chain. Which is fine, bad stuff happens sometimes. It did take a full 1.5 hours to work out a way that I could get the phone serviced same day and walk out with it, but what really bothered me is that the manager would not cover the $29 cost of the repair, even though this was fully Apple who messed up. Let me be clear: the technician I worked with was wonderful, I am only taking issue with the manager who made this decision.

That was pretty astounding to me. Normally, Apple makes up for things when they mess up, this time they didn't even meet the standard that I'd expect from other companies, let alone Apple's much higher standard.