An exchange I had with Tara, most likely at Harvard while we were in a room with her roommate sleeping so we were typing back and forth on my phone.

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It seems like you're just so angry.  
I'm just really tired 
Ugh I just feel really bad for a bunch different reasons and it's just making it worse n
Im not mad at you. I just want us both to go to sleep now. We can talk in the morning so that we can prevent what happened tonight but I'm not mad at all. 

Then why have you been yelling? We've talked how we are before without you being afraid she'll wake up. And it just seemed like you really were not happy with me when you got me food. 
I'm just really exhausted and so I'm getting easily frustrated. I also hoped you would have told me about food before we got into bed. 

Sorry. I guess that's what the CVS run was about but I didnt push it and didn't really follow up with alternatives. 

I just want to feel like we're together, Tara. It's just hard after pretending we weren't for the past hour and a half and now I'm perceiving you as upset with me and I just keep wanting to cry because of that but I'm afraid to because I don't want you to get more upset. I just want you to be caring until I fall asleep...

I was trying to by touching your hair and stuff I'mjust so exhausted