I really hate repeated tasks, so I do everything I can to minimize them. It's helpful to split up big tasks into smaller TODOs, so every week the team edits a Google Doc that has the past week's successes, past week's failures, and this week's goals. I wrote a script in Google Apps Script that converts the Google Doc to HTML and emails it to the team a couple hours and our advisors so they can track our progress. It runs on a time trigger which is good because it means everyone has to be sure their goals are finalized by the time the email goes out.

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//someone sending entire doc as HTML

//someone else sending entire doc as HTML, but uses mailchimp to get all the styles (which we don't need)

//yet another, but more simple HTML one

//from https://ctrlq.org/code/20009-convert-google-documents
//note: unfortunately, not all of the bullet points show up on iPhone, so can use the default 
//bullets on Google doc or could try changing them to something that looks good on Google Doc 
//and shows up on iPhone. You can actually customize the individual bullets to any character, so could 
//find something that works most likely: https://gsuitetips.com/tips/docs/personalise-bullet-points-and-numbers-in-google-docs/
function exportAsHTML(documentId){
  var forDriveScope = DriveApp.getStorageUsed(); //needed to get Drive Scope requested
  var url = "https://docs.google.com/feeds/download/documents/export/Export?id="+documentId+"&exportFormat=html";
  var param = {
    method      : "get",
    headers     : {"Authorization": "Bearer " + ScriptApp.getOAuthToken()},
  var html = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url,param).getContentText();
  // for some reason, google randomly started loading (or always was) the CSS with hundreds of KBs of shit CSS that doesn't
  // actually do anything, but was getting so big that the emails would refuse to send. This is a line to strip all that shit out.
  var html = '<html><head><meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="content-type"><style type="text/css">' + html.split("ol\{")[1]
  //var file = DriveApp.createFile(documentId + ".html", html);
  //return file.getUrl();
  return html;

function emailWeeklyUpdateToTeam() {
  // Open the actual to do list document 
  var doc = DocumentApp.openByUrl('https://docs.google.com/[redacted]');
  var docID = doc.getId();
  // make a temporary copy of it where we will delete everything that shouldn't be included in the email
  var tempDocID = DriveApp.getFileById(docID).makeCopy().getId();
  var tempDoc = DocumentApp.openById(tempDocID);
  // iterate through the lines, and delete everything after the second "Last Week" is seen, since that's two weeks ago
  paragraphs = tempDoc.getBody().getParagraphs();
  lastParagraphText = "notEmpty";
  for (index in paragraphs){
    paragraphText = paragraphs[index].getText();
    // cut down the extra empty new lines so that it's more easily readible 
    // in an email
    if(lastParagraphText == "" && paragraphText == "" && lastParagraphText != "Long Term Goals:"){
    if(paragraphText.indexOf("Note: Update") == 0 || paragraphText.indexOf("Long Term Goals:") == 0 || paragraphText.indexOf("(This must be the bottom-most line of the file") == 0){
    lastParagraphText = paragraphText;
  // Logger.log(tempDoc.getBody().getText());
  // save the deletions of the temp doc
  // can prevent the email by uncommenting this return
  // get an html version of the temp doc now that it has only what we want to send
  var tempDocAsHTML = exportAsHTML(tempDocID)
  // delete the temporary copy since we're done with it
    to: "[redacted]",
    replyTo: "[redacted]",
    name: "Coursicle Team",
    subject: "Coursicle Weekly Update",
    htmlBody: tempDocAsHTML