Trying to do a cost benefit on the different options of drug combinations I have.

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* 15mg Remron (night)
* 150mg Wellbutrin (morning)
* 0.5mg Ativan (early morning)

Option A:
* Increase to 300mg Wellbutrin (7-10 days)
* Then taper off of Ativan 

Option B:
* Maintain current. 
* Start tapering off Ativan, instead of going cold

Option C:
* 15mg Remron (night)
* 150mg Wellbutrin (morning) (temporary)
* 10-40mg of Prozac (morning)
* 0.5mg Ativan (early morning) (temporary)

Option A:
* Pro: probably won't cause stomach issues.
* Pro: have been on this drug before
* Con: may not resolve the stomach issues/anxiety I was experiencing 
* Con: may not help with the obsessiveness which has been hindering my recovery
* Con: may cause insomnia, which is going to really mess with my sleep 

Option B: 
* Pro: fastest way off of medications
* Con: not solving whatever underlying issues were there

Option C: 
* Pro: may resolve stomach issues and depression
* Pro: may resolve anxiety
* Pro: may help with obsessive behavior
* Con: may seriously upset stomach
* Con: will take a long time to implement

Going with Option A first. 
Because all as things were standing today, even though I had no reason to be depressed, I felt depressed. So depression is there, and needs to be treated, which means we need an increase in the dosage. I was feeling depressed in the morning. Months ago, I was feeling depressed.