One of the first days in months where I had a very good night that led into a good morning.

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Had a very good day Thursday, went to swing class, but stayed out too late and so I didn’t want to take Remron at midnight, so I skipped, and it wasn’t that bad. I definitely had trouble sleeping/staying asleep, and I felt like I barely got any sleep, but I was fine in the morning. Could get out of bed easily.

I think taking the medicine at 10pm is a very good idea.

Also I think Thursday having a panic thing and then recovery from it by the next morning was great, showed me I could do this.

Having some nausea (especially in the morning), but it’s manageable. Probably from the Prozac increase.

Sunday started to feel panicked again once there was nothing between the start of the week and then.

Monday was feeling very sedated during the morning, even though I took the Remron at 10pm. Going to try taking it even earlier (9pm), on Monday night. (4/8). Next morning: I think I was less sedated, so taking it early is a good idea.

Work will set you free. Have found this repeatedly that working all day makes you feel better. Basically, I started the day with like half-assed doing work, just easy work, and by the end of the day I was feeling like I could get real stuff done.

Two observations: I feel better after getting real work done, and I feel better when I don't feel like I need to be working, like the weekend or closer to the end of the week.

Over past few days, definitely feel like sedation is just there and gets better over course of day. Could be affecting everything. All I want is to stop Remron and deal with the bad sleep. Have had no issues sleeping on 20mg Prozac.