I had a pretty big interest in Airsoft in middle school, and it was revived by a Reddit comment on one of my posts about VR of all things (I just hadn't thought about Airsoft at all in years). I think part of the interest comes from being interested in guns but being very afraid of the responsibility and the potential danger that comes from owning one, so buying a very high quality gas blowback Airsoft gun I figured would scratch that itch while not introducing the capacity to seriously injur myself by accident.

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Not working great in lower temperatures, not even able to cycle the gun (shoot the slide all the way back, which would cause it to get caught if it were empty or reload the next bb if it weren't empty). 

Should look at getting:
*  Black Gas, which is higher power and it seems my gun is rated for C02 which is even higher so it should be fine 
*  C02 with refillable capsules. This would be the most kick, but would also need to be self-lubricating everything in the gun, which might be kinda fun anyway. 

The kick comes just from the slide getting shot back really fast. Probably worth it to just go right up to C02. Like why not just have the most powerful one. May have to replace the nozzle every so often, but it's only $15 from KyAirsoft. This the place where the magazine opening meets an opening on the inside of the gun.  

100%, should just go the C02 route. Green gas will be nice to have as a backup second mag, and for if I go play against people (since C02 is probably not field legal), but C02 should be the primary for target practice. It'll be more kick, more consistent firing, and it won't stop cycling the gun in cold weather (like I saw with green gas pretty quickly). Choosing your first gas pistol: Green gas vs CO2 - TorontoAirsoft.com - YouTube. The only downside long-term is that I will probably have to replace the valve sooner, but that's only $15 and I can buy that pre-emptively. I may also want to get the recommended lubricant and all that so that I can maintain the gun on my own, this seems recommended even if I were just using green gas, anyway. 

Co2 mags for the WE Glock 17 : airsoft

Looks like the refillable capsules do not work well, if at all. So probably just better to bite the BB and get the cheap packs of them. They're like 100 shots, which is a lot. Like 4 full mags. And they're cheap and recyclable. $15 for 40 of them, that's thirty cents per capsule. Can pick up locally, too: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Crosman-12-Gram-CO2-Powerlet-Cartridges-For-Use-With-Air-Rifles-And-Air-Pistols-40-Count/19426365

Should investigate what part breaks when you use C02 and just buy another one preemptively from KyAirsoft with this order to save on shipping. 

Should just buy silicon oil, can get that anywhere it seems but the Super lube is highly regarded, so getting that. 

Probably should buy a holster just for target practice: https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=g19+holster&ref=nb_sb_noss_2. It actually seems like you want to get a G21 holster, should just buy one or two to try and then return. https://www.reddit.com/r/airsoft/comments/b1o70e/we_g19_holster/

Could potentially get a silencer but honestly it seems not to affect accuracy or range, and so it would be purely cosmetic and it might actually affect the life of the barrel, so probably not worth it. May decrease accuracy, won't be as loud, honestly it's purely cosmetic and might overall be bad. I'd say stay away from silencer. 

Seems like the silicon oil is fine, basically all the same, can buy it at ACE for like $7. Just get one without petroleum is the main thing, apparently that breaks down plastics. That should be used for almost every lubrication point, like seals, various components inside the gun. 

Then you need something thicker, actual grease/gel like stuff, that you put on the slide. That is between any two parts that are metal. 

The nozzle where the gas escapes and is concentrated to accelerate the BB can break, usually because you have a BB in the barrel and then load another one in and it breaks the little tab that is responsible for loading the BB into the chamber. Got an extra one of those. 

Then there's the valve, which also can "break" which really just means leak. This is for CO2 specifically, you basically puncture the CO2 canister by pressing it into the mag, and it makes a seal with something inside the mag. Now you want to make sure that the mag isn't leaking after you do that. Adding some silicon oil there can help keep the seal. You don't want it to dry out and the seal to crack, basically, which would result in leaking. 	

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