A letter I wrote to the NYC mesh team.

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I finally got a chance to take some panos for you from 89 MacDougal Street (Manhattan). It would be super awesome to expand the network to the Village. Hopefully there's LoS to one of the nodes and the signal isn't too attenuated at this distance. Even if not, I'd be happy to volunteer my efforts to help with the network if you need it. I love the mission and want to see NYC mesh grow. I'm a full-stack developer with a pretty solid understanding of networking (used to work at Cisco). 

I took two panos, one from each of the two corners of my roof that aren't obstructed by buildings. I've included the "Pano positions" image to show where I was standing on the roof for each pano. I've label north/east/south/west in accordance with the Manhattan streets (i.e. WTC would be due south of the empire state building). If you'd like me to relabel with magnetic cardinal directions, let me know. I think I may have identified supernode 1 in both the panos (labeled). My building is one of the taller ones in the area, so perhaps it could act as a hub? I see a number of "potential" nodes on the map around the Sullivan/Thompson street area to my west, and I have good LoS to all of those roofs. 

I took some "Bonus" photos as well in case they're at all helpful (in the accompanying "Bonus positions" file, the arrows are pointing in the direction I was facing when I took the photo). I also included all the photos unedited in the "Raw" folder in case you wanted to do your own annotations.