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Should use "Natural" I think for motion smoothing (TruMotion), seems like that's the one that doesn't look super judderey but also doesn't add a ton of noticeable artifacts (brief test watching 1917). Seems like HDTVTest says that increasing this from Off to Cinematic to Natural etc will just increase the amount of soap opera effect. So if you're not noticing that, then it's probably fine as long as it helps the judder go away. Cinematic movement apparently does motion smoothing without adding _any_ soap opera effect, but that might not be ideal, because it seems like it was still too jittery. 

If you wanted to fine tune the display, you'd need software and hardware to calibrate it with Fine Tune and White Balance in the Color menu. That said, AVForums said this is very accurate out of the box already. 

OLED Pixel Brightness is what you could modify if the image is too dark for you. Seems like you want to go with filmmaker mode, and then adjust this brightness as needed for SDR content. 

To confirm that HDR, 4k, etc is actually getting to the TV, just tap the black triple dot button on the remote and play whatever video you want. It will explicitly say "4k", "HDR", etc. It won't show the refresh rate, though. 

Looks like I won't be able to adjust the settings automatically with the Harmony remote, but that's fine, because they'll change based on the HDMI input automatically. 

According to HDTVTest: 
	•	Energy saving step should be set to "off"
	•	When you start playing HDR content, a lot of the settings change automatically. 
	⁃	Contrast/brightness, peak brightness, etc. 
	•	For SDR content
	⁃	If using filmmaker mode, can switch to gamma of 1.9 or 2.2 to make the image brighter during daytime. 
	•	HDTVTest recommends sharpening to 0 if you want closest to accurate as possible (if you're a purist), but said some people may like it at 10. 
	•	HDTVTest says that Smooth Gradation is something that could be changed, but with caution. Could reduce detail, but it seems to help remove this 
	•	effect:
	⁃	AVForums also said you could use this to get rid of the effect in skies, I think this is a key one.
	•	Gaming:
	⁃	If you're playing a game and want to increase the brightness because the dark is too dark and you can't see enemies or something: 
	⁃	Just increase black stabilizer in the game optimizer settings. 
	⁃	White stabilizer does the same, but will reduce the brightness of bright things. 
	⁃	That said, HDTVTest recommends both of these stay at 10 for most accurate. 
	⁃	Basically HDTVTest says to just leave things on standard mode, you could adjust to FPS mode to see enemies better, but again, the best looking picture has to be standard mode which won't 
	⁃	When game optimizer is on, HDTVTest recommends HGiG in the brightness settings for HDR Tone mapping. 

When the TV has a setting and then (user) at the end, it means it's been changed by you from the default. You can reset it. 

It looks like in order for eARC to be used by the TV, Simlink-CEC has to be turned on....which isn't great.

All of the AI stuff, like AI picture Pro, brightness, auto genre selection, should be off. 

Standby light should be set off. 

Home auto launch and home promotion should be off. The home on the LG just sucks.