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	⁃	Probably best option, fast community run internet. 
	•	Spectrum
	⁃	$50 for 200mbps
	⁃	$80 for 400 mbps
	⁃	$110 for 940 mbps
	⁃	2/16/21:
	⁃	Called and was not able to get anything better than the intro deal. The plan is 200mbps down and 10 mbps up. 
	⁃	Next one is 20 up, last one is 35 up. 
	•	Starry
	⁃	Not actually available it seems.
	•	HughesNet
	⁃	Satellite internet, but would be available. 
	•	Viasat
	⁃	Satellite internet. 
	⁃	Up to 30mbps, 100GB cap, $100/month. 
	•	RCN
	⁃	Will have to call and check, but probably not available. 
	⁃	Were here at one point. Haven't been here since 2000. 
	•	Consolidated Communications
	⁃	Not available. 
	•	BarrierFree
	⁃	Very slow, like 25mbps up/down. 

Good data source:

Spectrum Call: 
	•	I just took over this apartment from a friend and he had just cancelled the service. There are 3 other available ISPs that service this location, so I'm trying to hear what each one has to offer. 
	•	What is the guaranteed upload speed? 
	•	What is the expected upload speed? 
	•	What is the guaranteed download speed?
	•	I have two other providers at my apartment; why should we go with Spectrum? 
	•	Are there any setup fees?
	•	Are there any renting fees for some hardware you provide?