I helped Tara find her apartment in New York, and we found a really great one in the upper west side. I constructed a pros and cons list for her to help make the decision easier.

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* The subway is 2.5 minute walk (around the corner). Closest possible walk. You don't have to cross the street to get to the subway. 
* Grocery store across the street is relatively cheap. 
* Washer/dryer in unit. 
* Dishwasher in unit. 
* Microwave in unit (saves counter space)
* Really good lighting; no shafted windows! Even the bathroom has a nice window
* Gardens on either side. They look absolutely beautiful in the summer from what we can see on Google Maps. 
* 2 minute walk to the park (just cross the street). 
* Apartment felt high quality; not at all run down like the ones we saw in East village the day before.
* Every room has a fan.
* Kitchen is acceptable, could be augmented with a little portable island to give more counter space.
* Neighborhood doesn't feel like a gentrified area.
* Both bedrooms were very sizable, one is huge and very well lit.
* Lots of storage in the upper section.
* Lots of closets. 
* Living room is sizable (10.6 feet, wall to brick, by 13.3 feet wall to kitchen tile area). 
* There's a fan in the living room too.
* Open to 4/10 or 4/1, based on what she said. You should say ideally 4/10 but this is our top choice so we're flexible. 

* There's a pole in the living room, making setup harder. 
* Living room isn’t super big and isn’t separated from the kitchen. 
* Sink isn't giant and the faucet is very simple / old. 
* Vibe isn't the same as Upper West Side. Feels quieter than Upper West Side. Really didn’t like the vibe of the other part of Manhattan Valley we walked around. 
* Second bedroom has a skinnier, tall window. Not nearly as good lighting as rest of apartment. 
* Subway stop isn't an express stop, would have to walk to the 2/3 lines stop at 96th st (8 minute walk) to get to an express stop.