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heroku vs  docker (built on top of LXE) =

make note of shard

read more about proxy stuff

read only database. (done)

static applications: look at MVC. Have the Model, view, and controller. and have them expire independently. 

New yorker, article about fitbit:

Australia and new zealand dealing with this problem. 

Seamless cloud might be similar. Intercloud? Combine on the terminology with seamless Cloud. 

Commercial offering for akami? They are a Cisco competitor. 

Interview from guy creator Docker. He was saying orchestration is really far away. 

Inside of Cisco: “cloud connectors”, he says we should look at it. Figure out what they mean with respect of this. 

stream based and delta level techniques. They are optimizations. 

Google gears? vs HTML5 

Look at times where people are putting data all at the edge, in user’s browsers, and what about pushing them up .

NAP? do a search for nap. 

On the virtualization: 

Graceful failure. Look at the term. Prioritize users. 

Security problems (not mentioning enough about it); 
	The verification of identity of these fog servers. 
	Privacy with respect to the data. Take regional privacy concerns. Take them into account. 
	5 or 6 things that need to be resolved. 

Cisco’s been doing it with ACE internally. Application redirection load balancers.