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​There have been threats by Hitler about invading Poland but my family and I are not very concerned about it, even though we live around 7 Kilometers from the border. Many of our neighbors are German, and there behavior towards our family hasn’t changed now that Hitler is the dictator of Germany. I can’t say that for all Germans though, occasionally I will see signs in stores say, “No Jews allowed” or “A free Poland is a Poland without Jews.” I am sixteen now and all my life I have never seen people judge others by there religion. I am a son of a Rabbi, and our family has always been very respected by all people but now things are staring change.

After school I was talking with some of my friends including an older German boy, Recently there have been conflicts in school as the tension of the invasion grows. Some of my friends have started to shun the German boys. And because there are a lot more Jewish kids than German, there have been beatings of older German boys. The head of our school has now placed policemen in the larger hallways. Overhead we heard planes buzzing. “What the-,” right as I was in mid-sentence we heard a huge explosion. We ran out of the school and saw the office building across the street collapse, “It’s happening, the Germans are invading,” someone in the street cried out. “It’s true,” I whispered to myself.