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Hittler’s Ideas
Germans are superior race - UltraNationalism 
Anschluss - Union of German Peoples (Austria & Czechoslovakia) 
Lebensraum - “living space” Conquer more land
Blaming the Versailles & France & UK for German economic troubles
Blaming Jews for losing WWI 
Strong Government, Strong Military - rebuild German slate & pride 

By 1932, 
Nazis are largest party in Reichstag & Under pressure & popular support, 
President Hindenburg names Adolf Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933. (Weimar Republic). 
Reichstag Fire Febuary 27th 1933. 
“Communists” set fire to the German Parliament. It was actually the Nazi’s so that Hilter can request amending the constitution and get all power. 

March 23rd, 1933 “Enabling Act” -Suspends Constitution - Pretty much makes Dictator. 

Germany Steps towards war & Appeasement 
1935 - first major breaks in Treaty of Versailles. 
Introduce conscription, increase army from 100,000 to 550,000 build an air force Lutwaffe. 

(October 1935 ...Italy invades Ethiopia) (Remeber the Abyssinia, fought off italians in 1890’s) 

1936- Germany regains the rhineland. (ordered troops not to resist if the french tried to stop them) 

1936 - Hitler & Mussolini form “Berlin - Rome Axis” Ally with one another… both