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The car slams into the side of the bridge, demolishing it in a single blow, the convertible and it’s driver fly out ward into the thin, arctic air. And gradually they begin to fall, and the wine dark water below becomes visible through the windshield. And with a huge splash the drivers world has reduced to darkness, as if he was just engulfed by a black hole. The car steadily swims to the lakes bed. Huge dirt plumes shoot up around the car. Instantaneously the car implodes from the intense pressure, and along with it’s driver is reduced to ruble. He arouses in a long poorly lit hallway. With doors as far as his eyes will allow him see on the two walls of the hallway. The cold concrete floor stings his bare legs and arms. He sits up, before him is the most magnificently mirror he has ever set eyes on. It is as clear as could be, and has gold plating surrounding the edges. He stands up and walks over to the mirror to feel the plating, but thinks better of it, and steps back. He peers deep into the mirror, but to his astonishment did not see eyes peering back. But a large emerald stone, he reached out his hand as if he could touch the stone, but did not touch the glass. But the stone vanished, and the mirror shone right threw him once more. He saw something approaching from behind him. He did not turn around, he was taken by fear. It quickened it’s paced, the footsteps echoed repeatedly, it sounded like someone was slapping the floor with the palm of there hand. He began to sweat, whatever it was it was not human. It had a very long neck, and an extremely wide head like a stretched football. And two narrow legs and very flat feet. It appeared to be slightly taller the himself, but he was not concerned by it’s figure, but it’s extra terrestrial look. He finally gained enough courage to turn around. His head felt very light, and weak, his clothes were torn, and had a large gash on his left cheek. The creature then came into plain view. It’s appeared to be smiling, and had the largest mouth he had ever seen. It’s teeth looked like daggers perfectly aligned He remains still, lying on the cold concrete floor. He blinks, and after reopening his eyes he is standing. Each door imprinted with his name on it, in glossy gold lettering. Behind him there is a large mirror, he peers into it with his brown musty eyes. But there is no reflection. He turns around once more and walks over to the first door on the right. He does not open it, but merely stare at it as if it was staring back. He suddenly feels a great deal of loneliness. He does the same to the door on the left, this continues for some time until he comes to the 17th door on the right, the number that has stayed with him his entire life. He begins to turn the knob, opens the door to another hallway, exactly the same as the once he was in, but with one exception. There was no mirror, instead there was a bucket, with the dreadful smell coming from it. The bucket was in fact empty and once realizing this there was no smell. He continued down the hallway to find once again the 17th door on the right. He looked both ways before opening the door as if crossing the street, and did in fact find a street on the other side of the door. He closed the door quickly, as if something had shocked him. Turned the knob slowly once more to find himself literally shocked as he touched the handle. And was thrown into the door across the hall and shattered it into pieces. But he felt no pain. He got to his feet brushed off his pants, and began walking down the hall. After what felt like an hour he was wondering when the hall would come to an end, when the hall did just that. A few feet ahead of him there was a door. He opened the door trying to clear his mind, he opened to door to find a huge screen, in front of him, with a small bench made for two in front. He sat down, on the bench, finding it quite uncomfortable, suddenly he found himself lying on a large white bed with pillows the size of himself. After finally realizing that everything he wanted he got, he thought about a large Dr. Pepper and some Peanut MNM’s. But found himself with none. With a bright flash of white the movie began, his thoughts were gone, along with the bed, and along with everything he had known since he was 10 he found himself at his own 10th birthday party, he was at his house, sitting on the couch watching T.V. Glancing at the clock every five minutes. He was exited about his party, he had invited all of his friends. After the clock finally reaching 2:00 PM he jumped up turned off the T.V. And went downstairs to greet the guests. He sat on the porch, in a small grey chair he had brought out. He was planning to have a water balloon fight, with 6 of his best friends. And his girlfriend, Marta. After waiting twenty minutes he went inside to talk to his parents, who had already given him, a large blue sweater and a transformer. “Mom, why is nobody here yet?” His mother looked down at him from the bed where she was currently reading. “I don’t know honey, are you sure you gave them the right times?” She asked not looking away from her book. “Yes I’m sure! I made the letters to the right address to, I used my best handwriting!” He stomped out of the room. And ran outside onto the porch and began to cry, he was the most upset he’d ever been. He ran around the house and went to the water balloons he had spent an our to fill. He rolled them all onto the patio and driven by anger stomped on the one by one. After popping no less than a fifty balloons he ran around the house once more, but not getting farther than a few steps he slipped on the puddle of water he had just created and landed flat on his back. He had hit his head hard, and was knocked out. He awoke again, in the hallway, the same age as he was before, lying on the bed. The screen went black. And he stepped out of the room. And slammed the door shut. But there was no noise, he stomped on the floor, still no noise. He slammed the door over and over again, until he got his finger stuck and howled at the sight. His finger had come clean off and was on the floor. Still he felt no pain, but the sight of blood made him nausea’s. He ran around the hall and fund a door, with not his name on it, but a number, 23. He opened it, and his hand restored to normal. He sat on a beautiful bed, in front of another huge screen. The bed was even more comfortable than the first. Then the movie started this time there was a blue flash and he found himself in a bed with his alarm clock making the worst noise you could imagine, he sat up in his bed rubbed his eyes and went to his kitchen to eat breakfast. He sat on the counter eating a bowl of Cheerio’s, thinking about what a great Saturday he would have. He looked around his apartment. It was small with no walls separating the bedroom from the kitchen. And had grey walls with posters of bands all over them. And a small T.V. on a worn down cabinet at the foot of his bed. He was twenty three years old. Fresh out of college, he worked for a soap company in downtown Manhatten. He lived in this apartment close by. He was startled as the phone rang. And spilled his cereal on the floor. He picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Kyle, listen I need you to come into work today one of those shipments didn’t get out and we need a manager that can handle it, can you come in for just a few hours?”

“Ugh, yeah sure, I’ll be there in twenty.”

He hung up the phone, and mopped up the cereal. Why did his boss always choose him to come. He thought pouring the slushy Cheerio’s into the garbage. He went into his closet and put on his suit. Packed up his computer and headed off to work. He took his time as he usually did. He waved for a taxi but after one had pulled up thought twice about it and decided to walk.

“Hey, just checking, your good!”

He said to the driver in a joking way. The driver merely grumbled and drove away. It was a sunny day, and the temperature was great. But this didn’t cheer Kyle up. He kept walking to work in a plain face. After stopping at a don’t walk sign he looked at his watch and saw that he only had five more minutes until he told his boss he would be at work. But he didn’t worry, after looking up he saw a very familiar face. He ran across the crosswalk nearly getting hit by two cars and chased after her. After catching up he tapped her on the shoulder she spun around and after seeing it was him gave a great big smile.

“Kyle! Oh my goodness! I never thought I would see you!”

“Yeah I never thought I would see you either.”

He said to Sally. He and Sally had met in 7th grade. And ever since then Kyle had always been in love with her. She was thin and had beautiful red hair, and always had a smile on her face.

“Oh shoot, sorry, I got to run, but we should have lunch some time! Here’s my number.”

She handed him a business card, it said Sally Benes, Real-estate and Design.

“I’ll see you later then, bye!”

She ran off and turned the corner. He had never thought that he would see her again. And it defiantly made his day a lot better. He put the card into his pocket and walked to work, whistling. Once he got there his boss pulled him into his office, and told him to take a seat.

“Ok, we got a shit-load of soap that needs to go out, some idiot forgot to sign the release on Friday.”

His boss said looking around at papers scattered on his desk. Kyle had an odd feeling in his stomach that that “idiot” was himself. Donald handed Kyle a stack off papers and then Kyle scattered out as quickly as he could. And sat down at his own desk. He yanked a few of the papers from the stack her had gotten from Donald, and set them on his clipboard. And wiped out his pen. And he began filling out the forms. After a few minutes of this he got to the math section of the pile. Calculating the cost per bar, plus the tax and minus the discount depending on how much soap they bought. Kyle had always been good at math, but if he knew he would end up working for a soap company he would have chosen a different subject to study in school. Then after finishing the math section of the forms he decided to call Sally. After no answer on her home phone he called her cell. Once again no answer so he left a message.

“Hey Sally it’s Kyle, instead of lunch I was wonder if we could maybe go out for dinner, maybe tonight if you don’t have anything planned, thanks, by- oh shoot call me back at 564-6364. Bye.”

He hung up the phone, and wiped the sweat off his forehead and got back to work. Glancing at the phone every so often to see if it would ring. After finally finishing the paperwork, he handed it in to Donald and said

“Is there anything else I can do? I can be back from lunch at 1:00 but I will have to be outta here at like 6:00 though.”

“Oh great, thanks, um, yeah can you file these and inspect the shipment too. Listen I’m going to pay you double for these hours, thanks for coming in on a Saturday too.”

He handed Kyle a large stack of papers, and Kyle left to go for lunch after dropping off most of the pile at his desk. He went to his favorite restaurant and slipped in right before it closed, and read the papers as he ate. And left after finishing the papers, and headed back to work. Once he arrived he sat down at his desk and realized that he forgot his pen at the Restaurant, knowing his boss wouldn’t let him leave again he reached for his briefcase to get another pen. This to was missing so he stood up to look around. And noticed that quite a few things were missing. His work computer and the monitor were missing too. He walked into Donald’s office but found that the door was locked, he put his ear against the wall, and heard struggling he knocked on the door and heard the struggling get louder.


He called out.

“Are you O.K. sir?”

There was no answer, he went around to the other side to look through the window. And saw his boss, tied to the chair with his mouth duct taped. He ran back to the door and started banging. Finally he broke through falling inward with the door. Which didn’t really look very heroic. He got up and untied Donald.

“Oh my god thanks, these two thugs came at me with a gun and knocked me out and when I woke up they had tied me to the chair, and there was know one else in the office to help.”

Kyle saw blood dripping from Donalds head.

“What did they do?” Donald asked.

“Not much just took my my work and home computer.” Kyle replied still stunned at what had happened.

“Well I think that the company can replace that. Good thing all the other employee’s doors are locked, I’ll call the Police.” Donald said rubbing his head.

“I think I’m going to go home, is that O.K.?” Kyle asked hoping that he could have the rest of Saturday off.

“Yeah, I’ll see you on Monday, bye.” Donald got up and patted Kyle on the back.

“See ya” Kyle rushed out and got his coat and headed outside. And hurried home, suddenly his cell phone rang, he answered it immediately and went into the next store he could fine. Which was not a surprise, Starbucks.

“Hello?” He asked praying it was Sally.

“Hey, Kyle! Dinner sounds great! Were should we go?” Sally asked sounding exited.

“Anywhere you want to go.” He replied in a happy tone.

“Let’s meet at Vespa, around let’s say 7:00.” She replied.

“Sounds great! See ya then! Bye” Kyle hung up extremely exited, he couldn’t wait until tonight. It was the happiest he had been in a long time. Blinded by this joy he accidentally ran into a woman. And she spilled smoldering hot coffee all over Kyle’s jacket.

“Oh god I’m so sorry.” She said looking through her purse and pulling out some napkins.

Kyle tried to say it was his fault but couldn’t find the words he was in to much pain. After realizing that everyone was staring at them they moved over to the bathroom area.

“I’m going to go into the bathroom and take my shirt off and put on my jacket” Kyle said still in horrible pain. He went into the bathroom and took off his shirt, and examined his chest. It was a terrible red and still burning like crazy, he pored some cold water over it and put his Jacket on. He walked out holding a very coffee soaked shirt. The woman was waiting outside biting her nails.

“I’m really sorry.” She said again, taking the shirt.

“It was really my fault.” Kyle said, and for the first time made eye contact with her. She had long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, and looked around his age.

“My names Kyle,” he said with a struggled smile and put out his hand.

“Maria,” she said shaking his hand.

“Why don’t we go back to my place and put this in the washer.” She said holding up the shirt. Kyle merely nodded and followed her, they got into a cab and headed toward the park. Talking about their jobs, life and family on the way. Kyle quickly handed the cab driver his credit card while Maria was looking in her purse for money.

“Thank you, have a nice day.” The driver said handing Kyle his credit card back.

“Thanks for the ride,” Maria said putting the cash back into her purse.

“No Problem,” Kyle said.

They began walking up the stairs until they came to number K-17.

“This is me,” she said, walking into the well lit room.

“Wow this is a great apartment, big living room, great kitchen, great view of the park too. Kyle stepped over to the window and looked at all the art stalls at the edge of the park. Maria went to the laundry room to put the shirt in.

“Would you like some coffee?” She asked walking over to him.

“No thanks.” Kyle said politely and walked over and sat on the couch.

“Do you have a clock?” Kyle asked

“Yeah it’s over the T.V.” She said pointing to a corner.

He looked around and found the clock.

“Oh shoot, really sorry Maria but I have to go, I have a date, well I think it’s a date, I hope it’s a date.” Kyle got up and went over to Maria who was starting dinner.

“Oh that’s fine, go ahead.” Maria said putting some spices into the soup.

“I’ll leave my card here and maybe we could get together for lunch some time, and I could get my shirt back.” Kyle said moving closer to the door.

“Ok, sounds great, bye!” Maria said waving.

“Bye!” Kyle waved back closed the door and then raced downstairs, it was 6:40 and he needed to get home and get dressed. He hesitated for a moment thinking if he should take a cab or the subway. He chose subway, because it was a little passed rush hour. He ran as fast as he could and got onto one just in time. The doors closed and he was off. Five minutes later he got off the subway and ran to his apartment. He got undressed and got into his favorite suit. Got on his tie. Brushed his teeth. And rushed out the door. He had five minutes until he had to be there. He got back onto the subway and headed downtown, to Vespa. He arrived five minutes late, and walked into the restaurant out of breath. He say Sally sitting at a booth in the far back. He walked over to her happy that he had finally made it.

“So sorry I’m late, I accidentally bumped into this woman at Starbucks and I got badly burned because she spilled her coffee on me, so we went back to her place and I got cleaned up.”

“Awwww, it’s fine, I haven’t been waiting too long, are you Ok?” She asked, her beautiful brown eyes sparkling in the light.

“I’m fine.” He said half caught in a daze.

“How was your day?” Kyle asked, ever since he was young that’s how he would usually start his conversations with Sally.

“Great, sorry I had to leave so suddenly this morning. I had to get to work.” She said.

“That’s fine, don’t worry about it.” He said still staring into her deep eyes.

“How was your day?” She asked looking back into his.

“Not very good, I woke up this morning and then my boss calls me and tells me I have to work, so I get ready and leave and then I bump into you, which I would defiantly say was on the good side of my day. Then I go to work and do some paper work, and then go to lunch, when I come back my boss is tied to his chair and all my stuff had been stolen. So I busted open my boss’ door and untied him and decided to take the day off, then I went to Starbucks and ran into Maria, the woman I was talking about earlier.” After finishing Kyle took a long gulp from his whine. Sally looked shocked.

“Wow that does sound like a pretty awful day.” She said taking some whine for herself as well.

They both continued dinner and caught each other up on their lives. And ate a large dinner. While deep in conversation with Sally, Kyle didn’t notice how much he was spending, because Vespa was an expensive italian restaurant. Once they got the check, like most people do they fought over who would pay, Kyle had won. And glanced at the $150 dinner they had just eaten. He gave them his credit card hoping that there was enough money on it to pay. Because he didn’t want to look bad in front of Sally. After getting his credit card back he went over to Sally’s seat and pushed her chair back for her and made their way outside to the street.

“Well I’ll be seeing you.” Sally said not keeping her eyes off Kyle, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then Kyle decided to do what he’d wanted to do since he was in 7th grade. He kissed Sally, this as Kyle would say was the happiest moment of his life. And asked her if she wanted to go back to his place. She nodded and the headed down the street, it was so romantic, the sky was a dark blue and the small lights on the tall towers above flittered like Sally’s eyes. Kyle put his arm around Sally and continued to walk. Suddenly he felt a warm blast on his head and everything went dark. Once again he woke up in the long hallway. He had just experienced that happiest and the worst day of his life. And then he fell asleep, and never woke up.