A serious email that explains the dynamic between Tara and her family.

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I try to be a good Mom but obviously you and I are not in a good place with our relationship.  I have definitely failed in some ways as a Mom.  But I always thought we could at least be civil with each other. 

It is hurtful when you use words like 'Shut up' for your mom.  It has happened twice now that you have been very rude.  Once when you called from the road when travelling with Joe's Mom back to Raleigh and once this weekend.  I feel in our house none of us should be talking like this to each other.  So, perhaps we should not talk to each other if we cannot be polite.  May be we can try that out when you are home over Christmas.  Should we just stay out of each other's way, perhaps?  If you agree we could do that next time you are home.

I feel bad about sending this email when you have to study for exams and have such a heavy work  load.  I had to choose between writing to you now or just after your exams before you come home for Christmas.  Dad felt I should write to you now.

- Mom	

Sun, Nov 30, 2014, 8:58 PM
to Tara

So now you guys just won't talk at all...

You telling her to "shut up" isn't a chronic problem. Perhaps they should consider the reason you're telling her to "shut up" (namely, she doesn't stop when she should) rather than just making sure you don't say it anymore. 

This weekend you screamed "fuck you mom" which honestly sounded worse than "shut up" but they didn't mention that. Words are arbitrary. 

Tara Aida 
Sun, Nov 30, 2014, 9:01 PM
to me

Yup all good points my love