It all began in 2010, when we first met
We were like two peas in a pod
But we were forced to part ways
A long time passed
We played around with nubs like these
But they couldn't last
Under a late October sky, we came together again
And so the fun began...
I made some jokes
Some mistakes
Tried on a sweater
All while you worked hard
We hung out at my house
Your house
And talked a whole lot
We went to Bond Park
You helped me through tough times
You got the Morehead
We took walks in the woods
And shared beautiful weekends
We went to Prom
The Waccammaw
And the summer approached us
Summer finally came
We made some friends
Retraced old tracks
Fell deeper
Had some surprises along the way
And spent time with Kiran
Then we had to part ways once again
But we've stayed together, as we always will.